Automatically Increase LTV in F2P games by personalizing in-app purchases
About smartIn-App
We are incymo, an ML-based company that helps increase the profitability of any free-to-play video games
For large and well-optimized games
We use custom machine learning models trained on a specific genre to personalize in-game offerings and get the best experience
For small to medium sized games
We help with common monetization challenges based on 100s AB benchmarks and deep data analysis while training deep learning models to shorten the time between launch and company success
it works
Determine offer price, discount, visual displaying to the player
Customize the store for the country & player
Automatically test more visual options of the offer & scale the most successful ones
Predict with 95% accuracy whether the player will pay or not after one gameplay hour
Show advertising offers if the player do not buy in-app offers
Set the complexity of the game for a particular player
Roadmap integration
Step-1: Creating a list of in-game events that are needed to train models
Step-2: Getting the upload with these events
Step-3: Prepare API for integration, based on client's requests
Step-4: Integration
Step-5: Growing the revenue