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Maximize Your
Business Revenue
with AI Solutions

INCYMO.AI develops AI-based smart products
for performance marketing and in-app monetization
AI-platform for generating image ad creatives for performance marketing teams
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AI-generated scenarios to increase amount of high-performing video ads x10
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SaaS platform that automatically increases LTV by personalizing IAPs
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Our advantages

Our advantages
Сomplex solution for studios

Сomplex solution for studios – we grow both ROAS & LTV

7 years of experience

9 years of experience in creating recommendation systems

5 years of experience

6 years of experience
in making video creatives

What INCYMO does

What INCYMO does.

We provide revenue growth via in-app-purchases tool and service that generates high-performing ad creatives.


Tools for convenience, performance and efficiency
We make work and life easier for Analysts, UA and Creative Teams. Our algorithms analyze a huge amount of data and provide the best solutions that automatically achieve the desired results
Data-driven approach for businesses. No need to hypothesize, the platform generates solutions based on data analysis - results appear in a personal account
AI data-driven products
We provide AI-powered solutions to set the in-game personalization for players, predict algorithms for user acquisition (UA) and generate video & image ad creatives.


We have a team of professionals
We have a team of professionals
with great relevant experience who are passionate about their work:
9 years in AI solutions,
6 years of experience in making video creatives
We have a great tech solution
We have a great tech solution
that solves the major problem of the industry what
has been proven by our cases
We have a huge market
Data driven only
At our core, we operate solely on data-driven principles. Our decision-making process eliminates subjectivity and the human factor, relying exclusively on mathematics and numbers.

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