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Become profitable with our AI Automation Tools

Lifetime value
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Automatically choosе right content to increase LTV up to 35%
Customer acquisition costs
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Automatically choose best performing ads to decrease CAC up to 42%

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For Gaming

SmartUA for gaming
Try our best tool for AI-generated scenarios to increase amount of high-performing video ads x10
Smartin App
Try our SaaS platform that automatically increases LTV by personalizing IAPs
Lifetime value
+35% Increase arrow

For B2C companies

Try our online platform to decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC) with the help of automated ad creatives’ analysis and testing

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Become profitable with
our AI Automation tools

Questions? Answers

What is INCYMO.AI?
INCYMO.AI is a cutting-edge platform offering AI marketing automation tools designed to revolutionize your marketing strategy. Our AI-powered solutions automatically select the right content to optimize your campaigns, leading to a 35% increase in Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), higher profits, and a remarkable 42% decrease in customer acquisition costs.
What are the key benefits of using INCYMO.AI's products?
By utilizing INCYMO.AI's products, businesses can experience significant improvements in their marketing performance. Our tools not only increase LTV but also enhance profitability and reduce customer acquisition costs. With SmartUA for gaming and our SaaS platform, you can achieve unparalleled success in your marketing endeavors.
Tell us about INCYMO.AI's products
We offer 3 innovative products tailored to different industries:
  1. SmartUA for Gaming: this product creates AI-generated scenarios that dramatically increase the number of high-performing videos by up to 10 times, enhancing engagement and retention in gaming audiences.
  2. SaaS Platform for Personalization: our platform automatically boosts LTV by personalizing In-App Purchases (IAPs), providing users with tailored experiences that drive loyalty and revenue growth.
  3. SmartUA for B2C Companies: this online ads platform generates thousands of creatives and optimizes their performance, allowing businesses to maximize their advertising impact and ROI.
How does INCYMO.AI's AI technology improve marketing effectiveness?
Our AI marketing automation tools leverage advanced algorithms to analyze data, identify trends, and predict consumer behavior. By automating content selection and personalization, we ensure that your marketing efforts are always optimized for success.
What sets INCYMO.AI apart from other AI marketing platforms?
One of the key differentiators of INCYMO.AI is our commitment to accessibility. We offer a forever FREE plan for B2C companies, allowing businesses of all sizes to access our free AI marketing automation tools and experience the benefits firsthand. With our user-friendly platform and advanced features, achieving marketing success has never been easier.
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