SmartUA to generate Ad Creatives with AI

AI-powered ad creatives generation and testing tool

SmartUA - decreases Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC) by automated ad creative’s analysis and testing
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All-in-one AI creative
automation tool

Launch your campaign
You can easily connect your advertising account with social media network (Facebook, Instagram) to quickly start your marketing campaign
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Automate creative testing and analytics
You can set round of testing for your ad creatives and automatically increase their performance
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Upload your elements
Upload to smartUA creatives or their elements created by designers in any familiar tool (Figma, Photoshop, etc.)
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Generate customized ad creatives
Customize your advertising by resizing AI ads: backgrounds, images, animations and videos
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Overcome creatives blindness
This generator helps you create more advertising ideas based on best performed ads
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Localize your assets
Change the characters in the images for the desired race and generate the offers immediately in the desired language
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Compare video and static
With our super powerful tool you can even compare automatically static vs video performance ads
CTR increase
Use AI tools
Our AI advertising tool helps you make background removal, out-painting, up scaling and create your ads based on competitors insights
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Save up to 50% of your time and testing budget
with SmartUA

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How SmartUA can help?


Small business

Starting from scratch: SmartUA offers easy-to-use tools and templates for creating compelling ad creatives without extensive design or technical expertise
User-Friendly platform: intuitive interface and guided workflows make it easy for beginners to navigate and create effective ad campaigns
Fast Scaling: SmartUA provides scalable solutions, allowing small businesses to rapidly ramp up advertising efforts as they expand

Medium size

Customization options: tailor ad creatives to match brand identity, messaging, and target audience preferences
Scalable solutions: accommodate increasing advertising needs and objectives as operations expand
Reduced workload: streamline ad creation process, reducing up to 50% workload associated with managing multiple campaigns

Large size

Localization options: create tailored ad creatives for different geographic locations, ensuring relevance and resonance
Increased conversions: leverage advanced targeting and optimization techniques to drive measurable results for large-scale campaigns
Rapid scaling: provide infrastructure and support for deploying and managing large-scale campaigns efficiently

Why SmartUA?


faster creative production


of creatives made easy


increase in the number of campaigns managed simultaneously

up to 4X

higher click-through rate


saved budget for testing


faster is the rate
at which A/B testing can analyze performance data

Launch campaign step by step


Ad Creative Variations
Import creatives from your Figma project or utilize SmartUA's AI-powered tools to generate ad creatives automatically. Input parameters such as your business description, unique value proposition, target audience and campaign goals to guide the AI in generating relevant and engaging creative content
Step 1


Customization, Localization and Resizing
Customize and fine-tune the creatives as needed, adjusting elements such as visuals, messaging, size and calls-to-action to better align with different target audiences. You can localize your ad creatives into more than 90 languages and resize all the ad variations to any custom size.
Step 2


SmartUA's artificial intelligence algorithms analyze vast amounts of creative elements, market trends, and performance metrics, to provide creative iterations and improvements
Step 3


Campaign Launch & Optimization
Connect your advertising setup to your social media accounts, choose rounds of A/B testing, and launch the campaign on Facebook or Instagram via SmartUA. After an automated set of iterations, the AI algorithm will select the best-performing ad from the 1,000 ad variations you confirmed in the previous step.
Step 4


Performance Tracking
Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as CTR, CPC, CPI, CPL, and CPP to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. SmartUA provides analytics and reporting tools to facilitate performance tracking, allowing you to use the insights for future campaigns and new colleagues.
Step 5


Forever Free


/ month
Billed annually
Checkmark 5 credits
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5 generation credits = 5 text sets (up to 30 texts per 1 set) / 2 images / 1 video)
Checkmark 0.5 GB assets
Checkmark unlimited projects
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For companies launching one advertising campaign per month. 5 optimization rounds will suffice to reduce acquisition costs by up to 20% for one target audience within one advertising campaign


/ month
Billed monthly
Checkmark 50 credits
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50 generation credits = 50 text sets (up to 30 texts per 1 set) / 25 images / 10 video)
Checkmark 5 GB assets
Checkmark 10 rounds of testing
Checkmark unlimited projects
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Checkmark full analytics report
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For companies launching an average of about 50 campaigns per month targeting different audiences or countries, or those who want to stop manually updating creatives and start automatically finding the best approaches and refreshing creatives by uploading them only once a month. 50 testing rounds will suffice to reduce acquisition costs by up to 40% across five advertising campaigns targeting different audiences.


/ month
Billed monthly
Checkmark 5,000 credits
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5000 generation credits = 5000 text sets (up to 30 texts per 1 set) / 2500 images / 1000 videos)
Checkmark 500 GB assets
Checkmark 500 rounds of testing
Checkmark unlimited projects
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Checkmark full analytics report
PRO Enterprise

By request

Billed monthly
Checkmark customized # of credits/assets/ iterations/rounds of testing/projects
Checkmark dedicated account manager
Checkmark scalability
Checkmark priority support

Join our Affiliate Program
and earn lucrative rewards

Checkmark icon Lucrative сommissions
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Questions? Answers

What is SmartUA Tool?
SmartUA Tool is a revolutionary platform designed to create AI-generated static/ animated and video ad creatives and optimize their performance in real time, increasing conversions.
How does SmartUA generate ad creatives?
SmartUA utilizes sophisticated AI content generation techniques to produce ad creatives based on input parameters such as your business description, unique value proposition, target audience and campaign goals. It leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate visually captivating advertisements tailored to your business needs.
Can SmartUA be integrated with online ads platforms?
Yes, SmartUA seamlessly integrates with Facebook and Instagram. You can effortlessly incorporate AI-generated ad creatives from SmartUA into your online advertising campaigns to enhance their performance.
Does SmartUA offer options for FREE advertising?
SmartUA offers a FREE forever plan that allows users to access basic features for ad creative generation. This plan enables businesses to create ad creatives without the need for expensive design resources.
How SmartUA create high-performing ads?
SmartUA's approach includes conducting rounds of testing and selecting the best-performing content in real-time to create high-performing ads. This iterative approach ensures that the ads continuously improve over time.
Download SmartUA step-by-step guide